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San Diego Juice Cleanse

Organic, fresh pressed juices delivered to your home or office.

Whether you’re swimming, surfing or shopping in San Diego, the warm climate and active lifestyle mean it’s always a good time for fresh-pressed organic juices and cleanses. And Urban Remedy can deliver them right to your door the very next day. Whether you’re planning to pack the cooler with a few favorite flavors or choosing a three-day cleanse to reboot your health, Urban Remedy delivers.

We press all our juices for maximum nutrient extraction, and we cold-pack them for overnight shipping so you’re guaranteed a power-packed juice supply, delivered right to your door. If you’re looking for juice in San Diego right this instant, we suggest some of the vendors listed on the right. While we can’t speak to their quality, we’re sure they’ll satisfy that need-it-now juice fix. Here’s to your health!

Where to find juice cleanses in San Diego

Evolution Fast Food
2965 5th Ave

San Diego, CA 92103
(619) 550-1818

Native Foods Cafe
3369 Rosecrans St

San Diego, CA 92110
(619) 225-1155
True Food Kitchen

7007 Friars Rd, Ste 394
San Diego, CA 92108

(619) 810-2929


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