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Organic, Non-GMO Juice Cleanse Benefits

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  • Low-Glycemic Cleanse

  • Purify Cleanse

  • Refresh Cleanse

  • Super Green Cleanse

Organic, Non-GMO Juice Cleanse

Detox, Shed Weight & Rebuild

Our juice cleanses are designed to provide an all-over revitalizing boost. Take a break from processed foods, heavy meals and receive a super infusion of healing nutrients.

  • Low-Glycemic Juice Cleanse

    First Juice Cleanse Ever - Loved it!

    I'll definitely do it again! This was my first-ever cleanse. I chose the 1-Day Low-Glycemic cleanse. The order comes in via OnTrac (evening) nice and cold. I put everything in the fridge and started the next morning. The drinks taste great! One nice touch: They switched out Cashew for Almond milk and it was a fantastic treat at the end of the 1st day juice cleanse.

    - LT , July 14, 2016

  • Low-Glycemic Juice Cleanse

    Delicious but 1 problem

    I loved all of the drinks -- especially Warrior. I found it easy to just have the drinks with nothing else. Only problem: Relax had big lumps that no amount of shaking or stirring could cure. So most of the flavor was not distributed throughout the drink. This was true for all 3 of the bottles I had. Is there a remedy for this or is this unusual?

    - Ohio Girl, February 14, 2016

  • Low-Glycemic Juice Cleanse

    Easiest cleanse ever!

    I've tried a lot of cleanses, but this one worked the best. The bottles are laid out by number so there was no confusion on what to do when. The 1st and 2nd day are really hard because you really want to eat something, but by the 3rd day I popped right out of bed and felt really good. This "never" happens so I knew the cleanse was working. I didn't feel sluggish and I had several people tell me I looked really good, glowing even!

    - Debbie, August 12, 2015

  • Low-Glycemic Juice Cleanse


    True cleanser

    - Tony, July 04, 2015

  • Low-Glycemic Juice Cleanse

    Never felt better

    I did the three day cleanse last month and I was so energized enjoyed making recipes from the book the miso soup is fabulous just an overall feeling of health. Friends and my husband said my skin looked so good it's a beautiful feeling inside and out. Ready to do this every month

    - Maggie, February 28, 2015

  • Low-Glycemic Juice Cleanse

    Easy and Delicious

    This was an easy to follow, delicious detox cleanse ever..highly recommend to anyone

    - Gina, January 13, 2015

  • Low-Glycemic Juice Cleanse


    I had no idea how sluggish I felt before I cleansed for 3 days. I feel like my border collie acts! Bring it!

    - Jill, January 13, 2015

  • Purify Cleanse

    Great taste

    I wanted to do a juice cleanse to try to finally kick my soda habit and I was so surprised how great the flavors of the drink were. I loved them.

    - Kara, January 13, 2015

  • Purify Cleanse

    Low sugar Higher Protein

    Low sugar higher protein than other juice cleanses. And very easy to do. I've tried other juice cleanses and they were hard to do, because I felt so hungry throughout the day, even though they were higher in calories.

    - Angela, January 13, 2015

  • Purify Cleanse

    A lot Nutrients

    I really enjoyed doing the cleanse! I felt like I got a lot of nutrients and benefits of foods I wouldn't usually be able to in my daily life OR in other cleanses that I've done ie:Burdock Root,Turmeric,Dandelion Greens.

    - Jessica, January 13, 2015

  • Refresh Cleanse

    Addicted to these cleanses!

    I love the Refresh juices so much! Urban Remedy is brilliant with the different order of the juices. They are all delicious and ending with the Almond Milk one is like having a big treat. I never felt hungry. I always lose 2-3 lbs which sets you up for success. I plan on doj g these once a week.

    - JBK, March 17, 2017

  • Refresh Cleanse


    It was so easy to do! Juices arrived the night before chilled with ice packs. The juices were numbered and quite yummy. The inspiring email messages were great.

    - Kathleen, January 13, 2015

  • Super Green Cleanse

    very effective, but

    I use to love this cleanse so much before they started adding broccoli to one one the juices. I do like broccoli, it's just the worst in the one bottle. I throw that one away. which makes me feel like I'm wasting. I might look into saying leave out that one ingredient. This was my favorite cleanse. It would be again if that one thing was left out.

    - Peppermint Patty, March 30, 2016

  • Super Green Cleanse


    Outstanding quality of ingredients/combinations, variety, exceptional cleanses

    - Kaiva, January 13, 2015

  • Super Green Cleanse

    Thank you!

    It has turned my life around. I am extremely asthmatic and have tried just about everything for relief to no avail. Just blessed I found your site.

    - Pennie, January 13, 2015

4 Kinds of Organic Juice Cleanses

Learn More

Low-Glycemic Juice

Our most popular juice cleanse (formerly Signature Cleanse) tastes great and is an easy introductory cleanse. Eliminate toxins, repair and rebuild.

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Learn More

Purify Cleanse

Packed with antioxidants & phytonutrients with dandelion greens for liver detox, blood-purifying burdock root, turmeric for inflammation, and antioxidant-rich acai for a truly deep clean.

Learn More
Learn More

Refresh Cleanse

Enjoy the power and healing benefits of a juice cleanse without any Stevia.

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Learn More

Super Green Cleanse

Looking for a deeper detox? Boost immunity. Lose weight. Feel lighter. 100% organic, nut-free, green juice diet program is packed with phytonutrients. Recommended for adventurous cleansers.

Learn More

A Voice You Can Trust

Cindy Crawford looks to Urban Remedy founder Neka Pasquale for personal guidance in achieving her own health and wellness goals. Hear why she considers Urban Remedy a complete lifestyle.

Superior Standards

Urban Remedy is one of the few certified organic juice companies. We bring out the natural sweetness of our ingredients so our products are low sugar, low glycemic, non-GMO blends everyone can enjoy.

Learn How to Get the Most Out of Your Juice Cleanse

The 4-Day Cleanse Retreat Book

Doing a juice cleanse has been said to help unleash the natural healing power of your body by ridding built up toxins. Juicing floods your system with powerful nutrients and antioxidants. It may be the first step toward a long-lasting lifestyle change, or jumpstarting a weight-loss regimen by helping to retrain your taste buds as well as psychological connection to food.


How to Cleanse

Read Neka's Book

Urban Remedy founder, Neka Pasquale, shares her extensive knowledge based on her Traditional Chinese Medicine training. The book contains innovative, delicious and healthful recipes designed to heal mind, body and spirit, and guides you through a four day, at-home retreat.


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