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Metabolism Meal Plan Certified Organic Ingredients

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The Metabolism Meal Plan delivers 3 days of balanced, low-glycemic, nutrition that supports detoxification and weight loss. Each day you will receive a variety of food choices. Our 3-Day Metabolism Meal Plan includes the following:

Day 1

  • Upon Awakening: Herbal Slimming Tea Bag brewed in hot water
  • Breakfast: Slender Greens + 1 Diet Tincture
  • Mid-Morning Beverage: Matcha Au Lait
  • Lunch: Summer Rolls
  • Afternoon Beverage: Time Machine + 1 Diet Tincture
  • Snack: Sweet Potato Hummus & Veggies
  • Dinner: Pad Thai
  • Late-Night Beverage: Glow
  • Before Bed: Herbal Slimming Tea brewed in hot water

Day 2

  • Upon Awakening: Herbal Slimming Tea Bag brewed in hot water
  • Breakfast: Slender Greens + 1 Diet Tincture
  • Mid-Morning Beverage: Matcha Au Lait
  • Lunch: Veggie Chopped Salad
  • Afternoon Beverage: Time Machine + 1 Diet Tincture
  • Snack: Carrot Curry Crackers
  • Dinner: Umeboshi Salad
  • Late-Night Beverage: Glow
  • Before Bed: Herbal Slimming Tea Bag brewed in hot water

Day 3

  • Upon Awakening: Herbal Slimming Tea Bag brewed in hot water
  • Breakfast: Slender Greens + 1 Diet Tincture
  • Mid-Morning Beverage: Matcha Au Lait
  • Lunch: Rainbow Salad
  • Afternoon Beverage: Time Machine + 1 Diet Tincture
  • Snack: Sour Cream & Chive Kale Chips
  • Dinner: Purple Ginger Beet Salad
  • Late-Night Beverage: Glow
  • Before Bed: Herbal Slimming Tea Bag brewed in hot water

Meal Plans may change throughout the year to include special seasonal items and new Urban Remedy products.

Love this Cleanse
"I LOVE Urban Remedy!! I live in Florida and they ship for free "
- Bridget , March 24, 2017


Still love the Metabolism Kit, except for snack changes
"I've purchased the Metabolism Kit 4 times, so obviously I really like it. However, my first couple of kits had 3 different types of kale chips as the snack, and they've since swapped out 2 of the kale chip servings for veggies sweet potato hummus and carrot curry chips. The veggies and sweet potato hummus are tasty, I do wish the proportion of veggies to hummus was changed to fewer veggies and a little bit more hummus. However, I am NOT a fan of the curry carrot chips - they turn into a sort of gritty paste in your mouth, and wish there was an option to switch that out. Otherwise, the metabolism kit is still a great meal plan for busy individuals. "
- GelTeaSF, July 05, 2016


"I've done the Metabolism Cleanse twice. LOVE it! Most unexpected and Fabulous result was the reset of my approach to what I eat now. I am so much more mindful, but in a very healthy way. I actually crave veggies. All the juices are very fresh and delicious, and the food is incredibly good. The first time was difficult due to headaches, and I did get Very hungry at times, but my second experience was completely different- NO headaches, and Never felt hungry. It was as if my body was in a Much better place for round 2. Thank you Urban Remedy, I wish I could afford you every week :)"
- Karena, March 17, 2016


Refreshed and Amazed
"I have never done a cleanse before, so I was a bit nervous! After waking up on the second day I could honestly feel a difference in the way that I felt! It was amazing to wake up and not feel bloated or down on what I had eaten the day before. I would recommend this cleanse to anyone who is a first timer or looking to get a jump start on weight loss. "
- Dina , February 21, 2015


3 days and feel amazing!
"I just finished the kit and feel amazing! It has jumped started my whole system. I have done some juice based cleanses before and have had extremely bad headaches from the caffeine withdrawal (I drink 3 cups of coffee a day). Surprisingly, I felt great from day 1 and even better by day 3. I have already ordered the Cindy Crawford kit to start next. I am hooked on Urban Remedy and will continue to order them to deliver to me in NYC. I have lots of good places in NYC but this is hands down the best! "
- Lukie, January 10, 2015


Great for first time cleanse
"Had always wanted to do a cleanse, but as a working mom with 3 school-age kids, I wasn't quite ready to have true downtime for a liquid-only cleanse. The Metabolism Kit was perfect -- I still got to reset cravings and give my system a break from fatty and processed foods. All of the food was delicious, and satisfying, although I did wish for something warm to eat on one very cold day, but all of the food, because it is raw, is served cold. All of the juices tasted "bright" and fresh. Looking forward to doing it again!"
- GelTea, December 24, 2014


Works very well and allows you to eat!
"I did this kit immediately after the 3 day liquid cleanse from Urban Remedy. It was such a nice treat to actually eat something after a cleanse. It is a great transition from the first cleanse because you feel rewarded with actual food but it has the same calories. It helped me not pig out immediately after the first 3 days."
- MarinModern, November 19, 2014


flavorful, functional, fast results!
"Whether you need to drop a few pounds or re-boot your metabolism, I highly recommend this unique & flavorful kit. Faves are the creamy Matcha Au Lait, delicious & imaginative Zucchini Pastas, addictive Kale Chips and zesty Tabbouleh Salad. A longtime fan of their amazing cold-pressed juices like Time Machine and Glow, Urban Remedy's raw, ready-to-eat food kits are the perfect solution to maintaining inner wellness through creative nutrition. "
- kayseg, October 15, 2014


One day is approximately 1,230 calories. See individual products below for detailed nutrition information.

The Metabolism Meal Plan includes:

  • Veggie Chopped Salad

    Our spin on a chopped salad with Romaine lettuce, purple cabbage, roasted sweet potato, cucumber, carrot, vegan cheese, and crispy eggplant bacon bits.

  • Pad Thai

    Noodles made from zucchini? That’s right, these low-carb veggie noodles are low-calorie and fun to eat, especially when combined with mint, basil and our creamy coconut and almond butter Pad Thai sauce.

  • Rainbow Salad

    Eat the rainbow with this nutritious salad full of fresh and colorful, organic veggies including red bell pepper, orange sweet potatoes and carrot, yellow bell pepper, green pumpkin seeds and sprouts, and beets all on a bed of kale and chard.

  • Summer Rolls

    A rainbow of colorful, fresh veggies wrapped in a white rice wrapper served with our favorite Jalapeño Ginger dipping sauce.

  • Purple Ginger Beet Salad

    A potently purple salad with roasted purple sweet potatoes, marinated ginger beets, purple cabbage, sprouts, and purple kale served with our Cilantro Ginger Vinaigrette. Nutrient dense and filled with antioxidants.

  • Umeboshi Salad

    A Japanese-inspired veggie sushi salad featuring a slaw of purple cabbage and carrots, with spinach, green cabbage, avocado, and daikon.

  • Sweet Potato Hummus with Veggies

    Dip crunchy raw veggies in our smooth all-organic hummus for a healthy low-glycemic snack

  • Carrot Curry Crackers

    Organic carrots and their juice are blended with sunflower seeds and curry for a snack that’s sweet, spicy and good for you.

  • Sour Cream & Chive Kale Chips

    The tartness of sour cream, the bite of chives and the crunch of kale come together to make these chips a favorite in our stores.

  • Matcha Au Lait

    A healthy way to start the day. Organic Matcha combined with our creamy sweet almond milk.

  • Glow

    This delicious, low-glycemic green juice comes with the added benefits of E3 Live, shown to promote cellular repair for beautiful skin.

  • Time Machine

    This tasty lemonade is made with acai, long touted for anti-aging and weight-loss benefits. The kick of cayenne also gets your metabolism going.

  • Slender Greens

    Replenish with two of top-selling, abundant green juices with cucumber, spinach, celery and breath-sweetening parsley.

  • Diet

    A potent dose of stimulant free herbs to support weight loss and boost the metabolism.

  • Herbal Slimming Tea

    This traditional Chinese herbal tea supports weight loss and detoxification.

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