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Low Glycemic Cleanse (Previously the Signature Cleanse)

Begin your day with Brainiac. This elixir is a light, crisp, enzyme-filled green juice designed to support optimal energy levels and support the elimination of toxins, regeneration, healing and repairing that occurs at night while the body sleeps. Next, get your metabolism moving with Time Machine, our cayenne-rich acai lemonade. Cayenne is a thermogenic food that boosts metabolism so the body burns more calories. Next, it’s time to flush your system. Flush contains cucumber juice, a natural diuretic that helps rid the body of toxins and supplies electrolytes to hydrate cells and balance fluid levels. Wind down the day with After Party, a sweet carrot, beet, apple juice with lemon and ginger that supports a healthy liver and detoxification.End your afternon with Warrior and before bedtime you will enjoy Relax a sweet creamy blend of cashew milk, vanilla & cinnamon.


Certified Organic | Non-GMO | Low Glycemic | Gluten free

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