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Plant-Based Anti-Inflammation Meal Plan Certified Organic

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This meal plan delivers 3 days of organic, non-GMO, plant-based nutrition that eliminates the top inflammatory foods, common to the American diet, like gluten, refined sugar, caffeine, processed meats and dairy. It features some of the most nutrient rich plant-based recipes to satisfy all your cravings. Low glycemic, organic goodness chock full of antioxidants and phyto-nutrients to support being your best self.

What exactly is inflammation? Inflammation is the body’s natural response to injury and irritants. Most Americans eat a diet full of inflammatory foods (i.e. high fat, high sugar, processed, full of preservatives, artificial sweeteners) which can lead to obesity, diabetes, stroke, and heart disease. Over 40 years ago, it was recommended that people eat a low fat diet which led to the increase in sugar for taste and flavor. Over the years, there has been a remarkable rise in all inflammatory diseases (heart disease, stroke, cancer, diabetes) directly linked to these high sugar, high processed foods and low fat diets. Eating foods in their natural state (certain fresh veggies, fruits, seeds, grass-fed meats, organic poultry, herbs) all naturally have anti-inflammatory properties. On the flip side the common American diet rich in processed foods, meats, alcohol, caffeine and soda promotes high level of inflammation in our bodies. Our anti-inflammatory meal plan is all plant-based created to lower inflammation and promote a healthy body, mind, and spirit.

Day 1

  • Breakfast: Almond Milk Shorty + 1/2 of the Beet Apple Granola
  • Lunch: Summer Rolls
  • Afternoon Beverage: Glow
  • Dinner:  Soba Noodle

Day 2

  • Breakfast: Green Berry
  • Lunch:  The Vegan Caesar
  • Afternoon Beverage: After Party
  • Dinner: Zucchini Fettuccine Pesto

Day 3

  • Breakfast: Almond Milk Shorty + 1/2 of the Beet Apple Granola
  • Lunch: Umeboshi Sushi Salad
  • Afternoon Beverage: Happy Belly with Probiotics
  • Dinner: Macro Bowl

Meal Kits may change throughout the year to include special seasonal items and new Urban Remedy products.

Fresh Break
"This is a wonderful combination of fresh flavorful goodness. I hope someday a store is placed in Whitefish, MT so I can go there and get everything! "
- bratt, September 01, 2016


One day is approximately 1,600 calories. See individual products below for detailed nutrition information.

Each of the 3-Days you get:

  • Almond Milk Shorty

    A luscious dairy-free concoction full of heart-healthy Mediterranean staples like sprouted almonds, date paste, and pink sea salt rounded out with vanilla bean powder, maca root powder, and ionized water.

  • Beet Apple Granola

    A grain-free, nut-free raw granola. Made with organic apples, beets, and seeds. Goes well with our delicious nut milk or try as a snack.

  • Green Berry

    This breakfast in a bottle is chock full of low-glycemic berries, greens and chia seeds that fill you up and satisfy.

  • Glow

    This delicious, low-glycemic green juice comes with the added benefits of E3 Live, shown to promote cellular repair for beautiful skin.

  • After Party

    Formulated to promote recovery, this hearty mix helps detox the liver and lower inflammation.

  • Happy Belly with Probiotics

    Support liver function with the fresh taste of fennel, cucumber, apple, lemon, mint, and ginger.

  • Summer Rolls

    A rainbow of colorful, fresh veggies wrapped in a white rice wrapper served with our favorite Jalapeño Ginger dipping sauce.

  • The Vegan Caesar with Cumin Chickpea Croutons

    Our spin on a vegan Caesar salad with organic fresh chopped lettuce and kale topped with house-made parmesan seed cheese and cumin chickpea croutons.

  • Umeboshi Sushi Salad

    A Japanese-inspired veggie sushi salad featuring a slaw of purple cabbage and carrots, with spinach, green cabbage, avocado, and daikon.

  • Soba Noodle with Sesame Almond Sauce

    Gluten free, 100% buckwheat soba noodles tossed with organic napa cabbage, carrot, red bell pepper, cilantro, green onion, and sesame seeds with a creamy sesame ginger sauce.

  • Zucchini Fettuccine Pesto

    This fettucine is made from zucchini for the feel of pasta without the carbs -- and is topped with a rich pesto made from hemp seeds, basil, olive oil, garlic, sea salt, and parsley.

  • Macro Bowl

    A rainbow-colored bowl of organic quinoa, roasted yam, pumpkin seeds, kale, and beet, topped with our house-made cumin chickpea croutons. Lightly dress with our Tahini Vinaigrette for a deliciously hearty salad.

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